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2024 Preseason

Old Titan

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14 hours ago, theeagleman5 said:

Sorry Grip... Philly to Omaha a long trip and you don't know the late great Dr. Charles Stanley??? But I guess typical of pentecostals....ūüėú

Well actually Eagleman, Charles Stanley grew up in the pentecostal church.  It became an issue for him when he was up for SBC president and some of the hardliners were afraid he'd bring snakes to the next convention lol.

I heard the great Charles Stanley preach in person back in the 90s.  I was in Atlanta for 3 Grateful Dead shows at the Omni and we headed to FBC Atlanta on Sunday morning.  Pretty sure we were the only folks to see Dr. Stanley AND the Dead that day.

grateful dead GIF

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TEN DAYS TO GO!!!!....TheEagleman is READY!!!! PLAY BALL!!! :shield-logo:

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3 hours ago, ORUTerry said:


Good stuff ORUTerry.  Conner Floyd had fallen off my radar after the early season injury last season.  Our starting pitching should be more than solid with Fowler, Floyd and Hall in the weekend rotation and the more than capable Joshua Caravalho starting midweek games and available for use on the weekend if needed.  We will certainly miss Cade Denton in the closer role.  Perhaps we will see Dalton Patten in that role this season.  

Interesting historical note opening up against the Purple Aces on 2/16...our old Midwestern City Conference rivals.  I can't wait for baseball season to start!

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