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Wichita State at ORU


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29 minutes ago, ORU40 said:

I saw that Otis, very well played OT!  You may have to consider a new handle Otis- GlassHalfFull83, a little wordy... think about it!  

Very well played by the Eagles today as well. Great day for a ballgame, I'll be heading out to beautiful Johnson stadium soon.

Go Eagles!!!


Your boy McMurray is killing it at first base. 

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32 runs in the past 32 hours for ORU....thats some serious lumber...and after watching the SOTU speech tonight TheEagleman will need to replenish the peach brandy even more than our country's oil reserves....😬

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Wichita State isn't all that great this year, having started the season at 0-6 before finally picking up a couple of wins. Still, this was a big win, and that's 5 wins in a row. Hoping to get out to JLJ for at least 1 game this weekend. 

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On 3/1/2022 at 7:21 PM, ORU82 said:

Good Guys win 11-6, keep it up Golden Eagles.  As for the Buccos, I am a life long Pirates fan having been born and raised in the tri-state region where I still live.  As for Willie "Pops" Stargell I can still remember Bob "The Gunner" Price calling all our games on KDKA radio and when Willie would crush one Price would comment "And that's chicken on the hill with Will."  Loved those days. 

Bob Walk and Greg Brown do a good job announcing in these past years, but those were the days with Prince. 

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