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Joe Dial "Stepping Down" at Season End

Old Titan

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Does anyone know the back story on this bombshell announcement?

Take it from someone who used to write this sort of press release for ORU Athletics:  this does not sound like a voluntary retirement; more like a forced move (or at least, and for whatever reason, a heavy-handed "request" from on high).

Joe is one of the all-time greats in ORU Athletics and college track & field; along with wife and assistant coach Shawna. 

28 years at ORU, incredible numbers as the announcement documents, and a 2016 inductee into the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame!

Thanks for "the race well run", Joe - best of wishes in your future endeavors!


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I had the exact same response as you, OT.  I don't have any insider information on the situation, but there's certainly more to this than meets the eye (either that, or it's a VERY poorly written release).

This is PURE conjecture, but we all know that Coach Dial focused his recruiting efforts on a few very elite athletes, who became individual conference and national champions/Olympians, etc., but never fielded a team to compete for conference titles.  This may have been due to budgetary restraints, and was his interpretation of gaining the most bang for the buck.  This approach was obviously endorsed under Mike Carter's leadership.

Did the recent change in AD create a conflict between the AD's goals and Coach Dial's approach???  Inquiring minds would be interested in more information... 



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