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Worst contract in the NFL

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Otis 83

Eagleman, I say it is a toss up between Carson Wentz and Ezekiel Elliot. I went back and forth all season. What do you think?

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Sorry Otis...I just saw this post.....uh...the Wentz deal turned out to be horrible for the Eagles who will absorb a $34 mill cap hit in 2021 after the trade to Indy....Zeke has declined a bit but can still play and a lot of his issues could be due to the lousy O Line in Big D....Wentz' deal is worse....but now it's the Colts' problem.....likely it will be renegotiated in 2022.....TheEagleman always loved Carson and wish him no ill will but it's highly doubtful that he becomes a star in Indy.....he will need to change some practice habits and attitudes for that to happen.....also apparently he wasn't the greatest leader in the locker room/huddle....he's not a problem at all just not a "take charge" guy......looking forward to seeing what Jalen Hurts can do with the Eagles in 2021....if they draft another QB at #6 in the draft I wouldn't be real happy....take a WR, or the OT from Oregon, the TE from Florida or even the CB from Alabama.....The Eagles have soooo many holes....just take SEC players in every round please....😉

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