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ORU Top 25 Program in Super Regional Era

Old Titan

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Interesting ranking of the "Top 25 College Baseball Programs in the Super Regional Era" (1999-2023).

ORU comes in at #24, which is very respectable considering this poll does not take into account any of the great Titan teams of the 70's, which included a College World Series appearance.

Could be worse, though:  some former national champions from the previous century (such as Southern Cal and Cal State Fullerton) didn't even make this list. 😮


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Probably some recency bias there. Still cool. 

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The list we made  #24 was those WITHOUT a title.  Thus the reason for some being left off.  It was totally based on points and we barely made it (9 points for 2023).  🙂  But a great list to be on.


We are going to do this by ranking the Top 25 blue blood programs without a title (since 1999) using the following criteria:
CWS Appearance: 5 points

Super Regional Appearance: 3 points

Regional Appearance: 1 point

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