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Josh’s dad is so right.  Not every D1 athlete has a voice of wisdom like that in his life.  What a great quote!

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On 7/14/2023 at 9:48 PM, Bogus Smith said:

I thought that this was an interesting response from one of our parents......

Rob Blanc - Baseball Performance Professional (https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7085095378584301568/)

The parent's response:

I am a father of a D1, mid-major pitcher, and the allure is real. But there is also a reverse trend, where P5 players are joining successful mid major programs which give them a better opportunity to get drafted.

More playing time, more stats, etc…, My son, was on the D1 National Pitcher of the Year watch list, and had the opportunity to pitch in the College World Series this year.

He will return to his college this year, because of his coaches working with him toward his goal of being drafted in 2024.

Was the portal available to him? Yes!

Would he have been snapped up with NIL money? More than likely.

But it is the long game that matters!

Our advice to him was that his college provides him with everything he needs to be a day 1 draft pick, and NIL money is short lived… All of that said, Josh Caravalho, is in Corsicana Texas, working with Allen Morehouse of Elite Performance Labs.

His goal is to get stronger, move quicker, and get back to The College World Series… He believes what is offered at Oral Roberts University, over any possible NIL deal elsewhere, is the opportunity that next year his name will be called in the 2024 draft.

There is an old saying, “ Pigs get fat and hogs get butchered”


We have a great person in Josh!

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A sixth round draft pick had that same decision to make at the end of 2022. It would have been very easy to drink the P5 Koolaid. It does turn out good for some but most probably wished they had stayed where they were. He never wavered on his decision to stay and obviously made the right decision. Great coaches and teammates had everything to do with that decision.

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