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Michael Block at the PGA


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TheEagleman just had to throw this topic out there for those of you who are golf fans and even those who are not...in a world dominated by overpaid and coddled athletes....was that not the best thing in sports you have seen over the past several years?....first time a club pro makes the Top 15 in the PGA in 35 years plus add to the drama the hole in one at 15 and the miracle up and down at 18 to make the Top 15....70-70-70-71 for a club pro on one of the most difficult courses in the world is just something that does NOT happen.....but we witnessed it over the past weekend.....46 year old Michael Block of CA became a rock star and the darling of middle aged males like TheEagleman....well, i am past middle age but that's another story......he had the stones to survive the 3rd round in the rain playing with Top 10 Justin Rose and then on Sunday with Top 5 Rory McIlroy....who does that?  A club pro who never had cashed a check over $75K in his life makes $288K and gets invites to Colonial this week and the Canadian Open next month.....just amazing.....talk about EXPECT A MIRACLE!!!  Image result for michael block

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It was a great feel-good story.  Hopefully he gets some endorsement deals out of this past weekend.

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