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Miscellaneous Basketball Notes . . .


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1) New Mexico State has suspended games indefinitely, probably for the season  for the rest of the season, after a hazing incident between players on the team:

Report: NMSU men's hoops shutdown sparked by hazing allegations within program (espn.com)

This after a New Mexico State player shot and killed a New Mexico student in self defense after being lured on to the New Mexico campus in November. First year coach Greg Heiar has got be wondering what he got himself in to.

2) No shot clock is used in high school basketball in Oklahoma. Last Tuesday night Weatherford beat Anadarko by a score of 4-2, with Anadarko spreading the floor and passing the ball between their guards, not taking a single shot in the first half of the game, and only a couple in the second half, including a three pointer for the win at the buzzer that missed:

4-2 game sparks new conversation on shot clock in HS basketball | KOKH (okcfox.com)

Anadarko's coach, Doug Schumpert, is a member of the Oklahoma Coaches Association Hall of Fame.

3) I'm probably the last person on the board to learn of this amazing pair, who are both NBA players now, but we had so much fun watching this these videos of Zion Williamson and Ja Mordant I couldn't help sharing them. They are pure basketball magic:



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I am in the market for a new ORU sweatshirt or hoodie but don't really like what I see available. I seem to remember some white hoodies or sweatshirts with the Oral Roberts  script (which I love) that had numbers of various player's jerseys. But I can't find them anywhere. Maybe I dreamed it. Very possible, as much as Eagle basketball fills my mind these days. I thought maybe some of you guys would know if something like that was available. Thanks for any input. Go Blue!!!

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Yes it is, Dave. Thank you. That's what I saw. I appreciate it.

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Feeling a little sad for Liberty tonight. I watched the end of their game with Kennesaw State and I really think they got hosed at the conclusion of their extremely tight game. Score was tied and the KS player drove to the basket, lost control of the ball and forced the contact in the lane between two Liberty defenders and the ref called the Liberty player for the foul with .7 seconds left. He definitely should have swallowed his whistle and let the game go into overtime. Worth noting that the game was played at Kennesaw State's gym. Hmmmmm. Home cooking maybe? Let's hope we don't see the same kind of outcome on Monday or Tuesday. Eagles gotta dominate if they want to go dancing.

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