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Big 12 Expansion


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Big 12 expansion: League to meet about offering BYU, Cincinnati, Houston and UCF membership

Link:  https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/big-12-expansion-league-to-meet-about-offering-byu-cincinnati-houston-and-ucf-membership/

I have read/heard that this expansion plan will be announced (voted on?) September 10th. If the AAC loses 3 schools, they will need to raid Conference USA or the Sunbelt to replenish their members. The repercussions for the Summit League could be the loss of several (all?) of the Dakota schools if they decide to transfer from FCS to FBS. Not a good time to be without a conference commissioner. 

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Cincy, Houston and Central Florida (American Athletic Conference) and BYU (football independent) officially joining Big XII today.

Here's how the dominos may continue to fall:

  • AAC will try to poach Boise State, Colorado State, and Air Force from the Mountain West.
  • If successful, Mountain West may look at (wait for it) Montana, North Dakota State and South Dakota State to make switch to D1.
  • Summit League left scrambling for two new schools.

Still no word on how this affects North Dakota hockey. 😎

Stay tuned...

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Do NDSU and SDSU want to move to D-1 status? Are there financial incentives/disincentives to make that move?

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Anything that weakens the Mountain West in terms of football membership could conceivably ripple down to the XDSU’s. 

And, yes:  there IS more money to be made, from even a modest Mountain West broadcast contract for football, than anything the XDSU’s are making now in FCS football play. 

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Since the first few tremors of conference realignment in the late summer, "The Big One" has struck this fall in Texas and Louisiana, sucking the Southland Conference down into the nether regions:

Pretty sure at least half of their member schools have announced intentions to leave the conference in the past few weeks.

Though I seem to recall most of us agreeing with the decision at the time, ORU's move to the Southland over a decade ago was a huge mistake.

Admitting that error (and returning hat-in-hand to the Summit League) is in hindsight possibly Mike Carter's crowning achievement.

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