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Summit League Player of the Week Awards


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I can't remember a week when ORU garnered so many league accolades in so many different sports.  Of course, the change in schedules/seasons due to COVID has consolidated many of the sports to be in action right now, so there are more awards available to be won.  Nonetheless, ORU athletes participated in events that made them eligible for twelve different awards this week - and won SEVEN of them.  It is true that only three schools started their soccer seasons, so the schedule was light, but in a "parity world" based upon the number of other competitors, ORU athletes should have won three of the twelve categories.  Seven awards is proof of some OUTSTANDING performances this week! 


Here are the twelve categories, with ORU athlete award winners bolded.

Men's Soccer - Offensive - Reed Berry

Men's Soccer - Defensive - Miles Motakef

Women's Soccer - Offensive - Martha Helsee

Women's Soccer - Defensive -

Men's Basketball - Kevin Obanor

Women's Basketball

Men's Track

Men's Field

Women's Track - Sasha Wells

Women's Field

Volleyball - Offensive - Aixa Vigil

Volleyball - Defensive - Sarah Thiessen


Congratulations to all the athletes - and to the ORU Athletic Department!

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Posted too soon.  The Men's golfer of the week was ORU's Mike Biata - announced late in the day.  That's EIGHT weekly awards out of thirteen possible.

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