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Summit Basketball Championship Changes

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This is from the Summit website for mens and womens basketball. Is this a typo or are they really reducing the invite from 8 to 6 teams? I don't see how this can work!

"The top six teams in the final regular season standings will earn a trip to the quarterfinal round of the Summit League Championship. The championship will tip off Saturday evening with the first two quarterfinal games followed by the remaining two quarterfinal games on Sunday. The semifinals will kick off on Monday night with the championship game slated for Tuesday."


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8 hours ago, TrueBlue82 said:

Must be a typo.  Can't have six teams and four quarterfinal games...

You have to assume that the the top two teams still get a first round bye.  #3 v #6 for both women/men will play on Saturday at 6:00 & 8:00.  #4 v. #5 will play on Sunday at the same times, and the winner will potentially play for three consecutive days - Sun/Mon/Tue.  Semis on Monday; Finals on Tuesday

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Power of the message board strikes again???  Thanks to "Reaching the Summit" for running this up the flagpole.

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