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Can you get me one of those???.....ūüôĄ¬†



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On 3/10/2019 at 4:20 PM, lakesbison said:

Its like a morgue down here...   hahaha  Fantastic!!!   Go Big, Go Blue, GO HOME!!

SDSU and USD losing did hurt attendance but I don't think it was terrible.


Saturday (SDSU)- 8071, Sunday (USD)- 5989, Monday (neither SD team)- 4508, Championship (UDSU-Omaha)- 4076= Total Attendance-22,644


Saturday (SDSU and USD)- 7137, Sunday (ORU, Western Illinois, UND and Denver)- 2917, Monday (SDSU and USD)- 6214, Championship (SDSU vs USD)- 7871= Total Attendance- 24,139

That is not normal attendance but I don't know what morgue he goes to.  The time and day he posted was during the ORU, Western Illinois, UND and Denver WBB session.  UND is 4-5 hours away but other then Fort Wayne those are the teams that are furthest from Sioux Falls.  

SDSU's MBB will be interesting next season.  They had 3 seniors, 1 sophomore and the rest of the team was all freshmen.  TJ (new coach) has been here for about 3 years.  The 3 seniors are what is left of the old coaches players (except a walk-on).  Next year will probably be another down year but after that we will see what the new coach has.  There will be a couple seniors, 5 juniors and others.

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