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Women's Golf @ Summit Champ.

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Fourth, and 40 shots out of first place...

I remember the days when we used to dominate this league in women's golf, ah, those were the days.  We won 15 straight Summit League Championships leading up to when we left for the Southland... since then, nada.

Hurts to finish fourth, but it really hurts to finish 40 shots out of first place and in fourth.

Not sure what this points to, but obviously recruiting hasn't kept up to keep us at a championship-caliber level in this conference. 

p.s. It sucks to be negative, but part of the reason to post this is to point out and point to a continuing theme of how we've lost our mojo.  We don't win anymore, and it hurts me that we don't, I want us to win again, and I certainly wouldn't mind if we kicked **s and took names along the way.

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