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    @Dr. Cornelius and I viewed a men’s basketball practice Saturday afternoon. We came in about half way and stayed a little more than an hour. Obviously this was the 2nd or 3rd practice and you can’t draw a lot from my limited observations - or knowledge. Here are my random (amateur) observations: Everyone was practicing except Fuqua - who was in street clothes Mills ran the whole practice; it was scripted and intentional. A lot of the drills were working on zone defense (positioning, communication, techniques, etc.) Mills is very big on verbal communication and valuing the basketball. Had guys run sprints if they didn’t talk to each other on offense or defense. The offensive drills focused on high posts action and screens; setting them and using them. The coaches had a very large TV monitor set up on the sideline where I think they've been reviewing various offensive/defensive sets. (similar to the photo in the tweet below) My not-very-knowledgeable opinions on the players I saw: Kearns: Looked the same; steady, decent ball handler with a good shot. Milton: Looks young but plays like a point guard and has a decent shot. Chris Miller: Has nice hands and a nose for the bucket. Good teammate- saw him encouraging several players during the course of practice. Emir Ahmedic: Has lost some weight and seems a bit quicker. EMan: Looked really good. Very active on defense with several steals. Has worked on his jumper; seemed to make everything he shot. Adian Saunders: Brings height and quickness to the perimeter; very active on the defensive end. Malone (WSU grad transfer): A nice addition. Nice outside shot and was very verbal. Looks like an upper classman leader. Carlos Jurgens: A true big (6’5”) guard. Nice shot and could handle the ball. Francis Lacis: A true 6’7” wing. You can tell he is older. Decent ball handler. Has a high release point on his jumper similar to SDSU's Reed Tellinghuisen; will be difficult to contest his shot in the Summit. Obanor: Has a nose for the ball with a good vertical and seems to be an active rebounder. Kerwin Smith: Brings height and mobility - not the typical lumbering 6'10" player. Seems to have a nice mid range shot and can pass/handle the ball. DJ Weaver: Appears to be a true 3. Good ball handler who hit several spot up three pointers
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