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    TheEagleman will be interested to see our schedule for 2018-19...last seasons' was absurd....too many road games and too many games against teams we had no chance of competing against....I understand that a school like ORU has to play 2 or 3 guarantee games to earn some cash but I am hoping to see mostly games against similar opposition and at least an equal number of home/road games so our boys aren't bouncing from time zone to time zone and pushing the limits of exhaustion during Nov/Dec....I am supportive of Coach Mills and his bringing in a lot of new players but hopefully this season we will be much more competitive especially in the Summit League....this will be a real test of the abilities of Coach Mills' and his staff....
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    Agree with you guys on all of that. It remains to be seen who can do it under the lights is the real question. I assume good things will take place because I am speaking as a fan of Coach Mills and the work he has done over the last decade plus.
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    I have not posted in a long time. Excited for the World Cup (even though the U.S. failed in qualifications) and started catching up on the two DI soccer programs in Tulsa. ORU schedule should be released in the next month. The roster looks filled with quality international players and some good Tulsa players. Last year was rough as expected. Several players from the year before left the program. 2017 saw a 4-11-1 record with one of those wins coming to a non-D1 team, so really only 3 wins in 15 attempts 2016 went 6-10 and another failed attempt in making the conference tournament 2015 7-7-4 with some quality wins and made the conference tournament championship game 2014 6-8-4 and made the conference tournament. Fair to say the best years of Coach Bush's Men's Soccer helm were his first two. I believe they will take a step in the right direction by finishing in the top 4 (only 6 SL men's soccer teams) and return to the conference tournament. However they are two maybe three years away from truly competing in which I sincerely believe they will. After a very promising first two years, Coach needs to right the ship.
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