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    Eagleman - You often make big, brash statements just to create discussion, and this is generally good for the Board. I also know you to be a rabid ORU fan who cares deeply about the Athletic program and that your heart is in the right place (and you're a REALLY good Summit League handicapper). This time, however, IMHO you went too far in: 1) denigrating an individual through inappropriate name calling which was undeserved (and outside the rules of "fair-play" of the Board) and 2) making assertions (of Alumni Association rubber stamp and Wilson not caring about ORU traditions or sports) which are completely unfounded. So, let me add some context for you... I currently serve on the ORU Alumni Association Board along with 24 others who care deeply about ORU's future. We are not in ANY way a "rubber stamp" for Dr. Wilson. In fact, we are frequently quite frustrated and disappointed with the decisions that he and his administration make and/or with how these decisions are executed. But, we also understand that he must balance the views of many constituencies, including students, parents, faculty, administration, board of trustees, alumni, donors, community leaders, etc. It is rare when all of these stakeholders are aligned on an issue, so he will often disappoint at least one of these groups. All we ask as Alumni is that we have a VOICE in the discussion and decision process. In years past, the Alumni voice was often overlooked, but our position has significantly improved in recent years. As a sports-related example, when the basketball court was redone last fall, there was consideration to eliminate the "Expect a Miracle" phrase on the court. The Alumni Board was asked for their vote, and the Board was virtually split in a dead-heat, but our specific comments were also forwarded on to the administration. I was supportive of keeping the tradition, and was happy with the final decision, but more pleased that we had been asked to provide our input. Overall, while it can always be better, the Board is pleased with the direction of the University during Dr. Wilson's tenure, in that: ORU has increased in enrollment every year, significantly beating the national average The University embarked on the most ambitious capital campaign in the school's history, raising over $50 million for scholarships, campus maintenance, etc Due to enrollment growth, ORU recently broken ground on a new dormitory, the first new living quarters on campus in over 40 years In Athletics, ORU will host the Summit League Track and Field Championships this month due to its new state-of-the-art Track/Tennis facility on the east side of Lake Evelyn, and J. L. Johnson was significantly upgraded with an astro turf infield surface and the basketball facilities at the Mabee Center were signifcantly renovated. Best of all, ORU is out of debt, even with all of the new construction and upgraded facilities As for his views on ORU Athletics, I attended graduation this past weekend, and had an opportunity to speak to Dr. Wilson for five minutes. I specifically thanked him (on behalf of ORU fans outside of Tulsa) for the many basketball/baseball games broadcast on ESPN3, and for the high quality of the production. I was about to mention to him that the ESPN3 coverage had played a huge role in ORU Baseball's amazing run on SportsCenter Top 10 (with three highlights last season, more than any other collegiate baseball program), but he brought it up first, and then mentioned how valuable that publicity is to ORU. I have also heard him say how Oral's strategy of using Athletics as a recruitment tool for ORU was "brilliant" and that ORU's status as the only Spirit-empowered university with Division 1 Athletics clearly sets us apart from the competition. I don't mind this statement at all - as this is your opinion, and you are entitled to it. However, be careful what you wish for, as it could happen - and be far worse...
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    Thank you for your amazing analysis of where we are today. When I came here in the nineties, we were forty-nine plus million in debt and the City of Faith and the campus was in horrible condition and a burdensome drain on the University. However, the Grad School was a tremendous experience and the basketball program was coming back from NAIA status. After my graduation and a new change in Leadership, we have canceled the debt and saw a tremendous change to the University as a whole. With the online program, we are at an all-time high and student enrollment has increased each year on campus. The two past /present Presidents have been greatly appreciated and even though they were and are not perfect, we are far more financially stable as an institution of higher learning. With the Sutton's came stability and endurance through the hard times of change and now with the new coaching staff, we are anticipating a better product on the floor this next year. President Wilson is working hard to bring about a good result by reaching out to other countries to bring ORU to the nations. We are a blessed University and I for one am proud of my inheritance to be a part of this University.