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    It was by far the best year ever for TheEagleman capped off by a huge evening last night......of course, Nova covered easily and I had them straight up -6.5 and also teased with the Over so that number was 138 on the teaser bet and until the final few minutes, I thought the game was going under for sure...only 65 points total at half...but Nova got hot late and both teams put up 50 points in the final 10 minutes (total 141) so I hit on both bets.....it was a banner season of betting ORU basketball games.....I got way up early thanks to big wins when we lost to OSU, Arkansas and Penn State...those were huge...the rest of the year was up and down but still on the positive side....but had a big March Madness month thanks to Villanova....so TheEagleman has a nice vacation fund for the summer....
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