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    It’s a big advantage but not insurmountable. Have to continue to improve recruiting - especially because other Summit teams are landing better players.
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    All personal opinion, but in the grand scheme of things this loss isn't a huge deal. Lots of learning took place this season, and this is just another lesson learned that going forward will hopefully make Mills, staff, and players better for it..... As for the present, the loss is tough to take because of the fact that they did fight back so hard and had the game essentially won...not once, but maybe twice....and so it's tough to swallow because in a tournament, you just never know what can happen...Denver could go and upset the South Dakota's and wind up in the Dance... My expectations are high for next year.... another full off season for Mills to implement his ways, most of the regulars are returning, and an incoming class handpicked by Mills and staff.... I hope Kevin Obanor was visualizing himself playing in the tourney next year and contributing to a conference championship in Sioux Falls! My expectations for next year are a winning season for sure, with 16-20 wins....helped by a somewhat softer non-conference schedule I believe the future of ORU basketball is bright and in good hands with Paul Mills!