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    I haven't seen it mentioned here. Pretty good recognition for 4 guys to get some sort of honor despite being 5-9 in conference. I personally thought Javan deserved something. I guess I'd put him over Eman as an all conference honorable mention. He was a beast all year on the glass. Looking at these lists the Summit League is pretty darn talented. The standings are a little top heavy but there are some very good players all over.
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    Overall, all of our bigs should over 50% on the season from the field except for Owens at 49%... Emmanuel Nzekwesi is our worst big in terms of FG% at 45.6% but he's playing the three 75% of the time anyway, which in my opinion hasn't worked all season.. while our guard all shoot 40% or below. Like mentioned earlier even if eFG% is taken into account none of our guards at 50% except for Harris which means they aren't shooting threes at an astoundingly good rate. Theres a reason why we're the worst three point shooting team in the conference yet we've taken more threes than half the Summit League..
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