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    I assume these questions are being asked because the Athletic Dept. is looking at a way to save money and yet still broadcast our games. I further assume it is cheaper for the Athletic Dept. to cobble together the live stream we have been getting these last three games on the Athletic Dept. website than it is to broadcast via ESPN3. I do not know this for a fact but am merely speculating. Although the live streams have not been too bad relatively speaking, unless there is some compelling reason such as finances, I would rather see the games on ESPN3 as it is easier to pick up the games and I believe ESPN3 games get us more exposure on a national level. Many people will "surf" the ESPN platforms and watch games they would otherwise not view by taking the time to purposely hunt up our Athletic Dept. website to find the game. I know that I will go to the ESPN platform and "surf" different games for the fun of it. However, if I was not a fan of ORU as well as an alum, I would probably never hunt up our website to try and find our games. Again, if the game is available on those ESPN platforms the casual observer will watch. One final thing if the Athletic Dept. is monitoring this. I was at our game in November with Penn State. I had people sitting around me from New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia and Maryland all of whom were ORU alums or fans or both. To a person we all talked about how nice it was to be able to see our games by watching the ESPN platforms. We also talked about how nice it was to watch the baseball team as well. My point is this, unless there is a serious financial problem using the ESPN platform, please do not substitute the Website for ESPN. There are a lot of people who are watching our programs from afar. It is easy for us to do this if they are on a platform like ESPN.
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    SDSU only has nine players that play. You could look at SDSU as either starting 3 or 4 seniors and a freshman if you want to. They have two normal seniors. Daum in a 4th year junior but we will see if he stays at SDSU, turns pro (probably not but you never know, he is an offensive stud but lacks some on defense) or there is talk that he might transfer to Wisconsin after this season. Flatten is the other starter. He is in his 5th year at SDSU. He has been injured for two of those years so SDSU is hoping to get him back for another year but they will have to apply for that. SDSU has seven of their nine players that shoot .400% or better from 3-point range. That is a little misleading because Howell is 1 of 2 from 3 point range for the season. They have one starter that shoots .333% (King) but the rest are above .400% from 3-point land. King is the starting PG and he is their best defensive guard so he does his job. SDSU's worst 3-points shooter is Key. He is a 5'10" junior college player that they thought would be the replacement to Orris but he does get much PT. It will be interesting to see if SDSU can shoot ORU out of their zone or if their zone can hold SDSU down. If they get Flatten and Daum back they will return three starters next season and they are redshirting four players that they are high on. SDSU is in the second year with their new coach and he wanted to redshirt all of his incoming recruits except for Jenkins Jr. (the freshman starter that shoots lights out). He is a little inconsistent but he scored 31 points @ Colorado earlier in the season. SDSU played Missouri State in Sioux Falls @ the Pentagon. They just don't play good in the building. Good thing it isn't the Event Center. The weather is 39 today and it is supposed to be 38 degrees Wednesday. We are supposed to get about 4 inches of snow on Wednesday night and Thursday with a high of 4 degrees on Thursday so if anybody plans on coming they might want to look into that.
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    One more nit-pick! Do we (of all schools) REALLY need the "turd" emoji on the big screen during a promo? Aren't there enough OTHER emoji's to choose from? I mean, c'mon; what are we - twelve years old?? #BeavisandButthead #smh